The present notice on the management of Personal Data & Confidentiality implies the prior reading & acknowledgement of our "Legal Notice". The terms "User", "Site", etc. are all defined in the latter document.

Article 1 - Contact Information

The Publisher reserves the right to collect and to store certain personal contact information concerning you. This data is necessary to the management of your account and to the proper operation of the requests for IT support, as well as to the improvement of the Services and information we address to you.

This information & data is also stored for security measures, in order to comply with legal obligations & regulations. In accordance with the Law of January 6th 1978, you have the right to access, rectify or remove any nominal information or personal data concerning you, directly via the website.


Article 2 - Navigation Data

In order to guarantee the privacy of our Users, the Publisher does not surveil or analyse the User's navigational data on the Site.

Only the usual cookies are implemented (see the sections below), in order to ensure a comfortable navigation throughout the Site and to maintain your chosen parameters throughout the session.

In order to comply with legal obligations, the User is informed that the Host stores various pieces of his information such as his IP address, the browser version he is using, etc.

Article 3 - Support Tickets

The Site offers the User the possibility to control the scope of dissemination of his support tickets. The latter may be public or private and the User alone is able at any time to change this status. When tickets are set to public, they must never contain any confidential information, neither in the body nor in the associated comments, such as a postal address, a password, or an access code, for example.

Article 4 - Documents

Within the scope of the IT support that we provide to Users, they may be required to produce documents that are helpful to the resolution of their problems, such as personal files, software serial keys, etc. These documents shall never be shared with other Users, nor with third parties, in any way or form.

Article 5 - Data Security

The Site's pages are only accessible through the http protocol, which is the say that the information sent over the internet is encrypted from beginning to end, between the User's browser and the Site.

The User is a factor of his own security; he is invited to read the security recommendations on the Site, especially as concerns the choice & storage of his password. We also highly recommend that the User chooses to implement the two-step authentication available in the "My Profile" section, which is available to registered & logged in Users.


Article 6 - Safekeeping of the Data

The User understands & accepts that the storage, saving & archiving of his own data is not the responsability of the Publisher, whom shall never be responsible of any data loss within the usage of the Services offered by the Site.

The documents mentioned in Article 4 are permanently destroyed when the User requests it, and by default when a User account is closed.

The support tickets mentioned in Article 3 expire at the same time as the User's access rights to the Service. Once the latter access rights have expired, the documents are irremediably destroyed and/or erased.

Article 7 - Confidentiality

All information exchanges between Site Users and IT support personnelis reputed confidential. The Company can, upon request and within certain conditions, provide accredited "Defence Secrecy" level personnel.

Article 8 - Non-disclosure Agreement

A unilateral agreement of non-disclosure of the information can be drafted, upon request and within certain conditions, between the Company and the User.

Article 9 - "Cookie" management

  1. Definition

A "Cookie" is a file stored on your computer, with a view to collecting information relating to your navigation. The Cookie is generated by the server that hosts the Site you are browsing via your browser. Cookies are not executable and do not represent a danger for your computer or your telephone. The various websites can in theory only access their own Cookies.

  1. Our Cookies

Our Site aims to respect your privacy, thus our Cookies only manage your identity when you are browsing the Site. Your behavior is not recorded. Any advertising is not targeted. In order to optimise the display and functioning of the Site information regarding your hardware (phone, tablet, etc.) may be collected. This information is collected automatically by our servers but is not processed in any special way.

  1. Third party Cookies

Our Site offers you the possibility to connect via other platforms, such as Facebook, or to share content on social media such as Facebook, Google+, etc. These applications are susceptible to identify you and we recommend that you make yourself aware of their privacy policies before using them.

  1. Cookie Control

You are able to parameter how you use Cookies. To that effect, consult your browser's support pages. Regarding Firefox, the browser we support, you will find that here. We do not recommend that your deactivate all Cookies for they can be useful, for example when they record the contents of your shopping cart on a merchant website, or when they save your login information and save you having to login on each new page of your webmail. In order to safeguard your privacy, we recommend that you use the free add-on called Ghostery, which integrates with your browser.

  1. Other processes

We do not use Web anchors or other technologies to monitor your activity on our Site.

We recommend that you read our General Terms of Use carefully.

This document titled "Personal data & Confidentiality Policy" from the Site is made available to your through the Creative Commons license. You may duplicate, modifiy copies of this page, within the scope of the conditions specified in the license, as long as you make this mention appear clearly.