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To all IT professionals: come & join our network! 


Share your talent!

TicketIn is a web portal designed to put you in contact with your future clients!

1. Our users submit their queries to you via our online tools.

2. You get back to them with an analysis of their query and a quote for handling their issue.

3. You assist the user, with outstanding quality of service.


Why TicketIn is the business and what services to expect

  • You benefit from our portal and from the tools it offers (Knowledge base, ticket management system, invoicing, etc.).
  • In case of need, you receive help from our experts and the support of other technicians.
  • You widen your client base, by opening up to new fields of competence; thanks to collaborations with other technicians you are able to respond to multidisciplinary calls for tender.

Already on our roadmap:

  • Phone secretary.
  • Group purchasing of software.



If you are an IT professional then you can join us, very easily, either on an individual level or as a company, whether it is just for a few hours a week, extra to your regular job, or for a lot more.

Join us now!