Here are the questions our clients ask us most frequently, along with our answers. Feel free to contact us for extra information should you need it. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, please fill in the form on our contact page and we’ll get right back to you.



Q: What is the ‘IT user support’?
A: It is an assistance service that helps you resolve issues with your computer hardware or software. For example, when your computer breaks down or your software is failing. The range of support we offer is very wide. If you have a problem, we can solve it. 
Q: Is it possible to test your services before subscribing to one of your offers?
A: Yes, we believe it is quite natural to want to test our services for free before purchasing them. We offer you 15 mins of free support time so you can get a taste of our services & help.
Q: In which languages do you offer your services?
A: Our services are currently available in French, English and Spanish.
Q: How soon does your team typically respond?
A: Our typicial response time can vary between 1 hour and 24 hours, during opening hours. The range of incidents and questions we receive is extremely varied, our commitment and goal is to ensure that our level of service is the best possible at all times. In the best interest of our clients, we first respond to the most critical issues (although we concede that judging how critical a situation is can only be described as subjective). We shall publish our response times as well as the customer evaluations for each ticket, we aim for total transparency.

Q: Can I get an invoice for my purchase on your website?
A: Yes, absolutely, an invoice will be available in your account, on the website, for each purchase.

Monthly subscription

Q: Why do you have just one subscription offer?
A: Note that you can add extra users, based on your needs. We wish to keep our product simple, with one all-encompassing offer that fits all needs, from families to small companies.
Q: I have a monthly subscription. Do the users need to be members of my family or colleagues?
A: A user is a person you authorize to create tickets within the scope of your subscription. You may designate anyone you like, whether they are within your family or not, within your company or not, they can be outside of your local network…you choose.
Q: Can I really ask as many questions as I like?
A: Absolutely, you may open as many tickets as necessary, we will do everything in our power to respond to all of your requests for help.
Q: How can I cancel my subscription?
A: We strive to provide all of our customers with total satisfaction and hope you will never need to do that! Having said that, you are free to cancel at any time, no questions asked, and no hidden fees. Your tickets will remain available until the month’s end.
Q: What’s the procedure to restart a subscription that had previously been cancelled?
A: Once you have cancelled a subscription, you may restart it after a period of 3 months.
Q: Why is there a ‘startup phone conference’?
A: This first call enables us to get to know each other, ensure that we have every means of contacting you in order to resolve your issues quickly. We also assure ourselves that we have all the information we need about your work environment. If a phone call is a problem then we can of course proceed by email.
Q: Is it possible to pay you otherwise than through PayPal?
A: PayPal is a simple & secure means of purchasing our online products, however you may also pay by bank transfer or even by check. Please note, however, that these methods of payment shall delay the activation of our services by a few days.


Q: What is a ‘support ticket’?
A: A ticket is created for each issue or question you may have. It is opened when you submit your issue and it is closed when the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction. It contains all the information being exchanged and steps along the way. One ticket is usually created for each separate issue.
Q: In which case is Pay-per-ticket the best option?
A: The Pay-per-ticket option can be optimal in the following cases:
1. You have a very specific one-off issue to resolve. You can simply buy one ticket.
2. You have a lot of issues coming up, but irregularly or unpredictably. You can buy say 20 tickets and use them whenever you need them over 12 months.
3. Your organization has many users and you’d like them all to be able to use a pool of tickets based upon their needs as they go along. Choose the ‘multi-user’ pack of tickets, which starts at 20 units.
Q: What do you mean when you say that tickets are not ‘divisible’?
A: This refers to a point we mentioned in the ‘General’ section. One ticket is used per issue. One ticket may not be fractioned or divided for use with several issues. One issue, one ticket.
Q: What do you mean by the ‘validity period’ of a pack of tickets?
A: You have a certain amount of time to use your tickets (at least 6 months from the date of purchase). Having such time limits is indispensable to the way we work. Tickets expire, however, should you buy a new pack, these expired tickets will be added to the pack you have just purchased.
Q: What do you mean by ‘maximum time per ticket’?
A: Each ticket gives you 30 minutes of support time. Should you need more than 30 minutes, you will need to use more than one ticket in order to continue with the support intervention. Keep in mind that we only count each minute that is actually worked by our operators and that our aim is always to provide you with satisfaction as soon as technically possible.


Q: What is the difference with Pay-per-ticket?
A: This option has the advantage of allowing you to fraction your support time as you wish, minute by minute (only the first 30 minutes are indivisible).